Climbing Mount Elbrus

$930 / person

It's time to climb the highest peak of the continent of Europe -Mount Elbrus. We will climb the mountain along the classic and well-known route from the south side, which is the most suitable for those who are climbing the mountain for the first time. From the slopes of Elbrus there is a beautiful view of the Caucasian ridge, Mount Ushba and other peaks

Day 1

Yerevan - at the foot of Mount Elbrus

Early in the morning, crossing the Armenian-Georgian and then the Georgian-Russian border, we reach the foot of Elbrus. We will arrange overnight accommodation in a guest house on site.

Day 2

Following the beauty of Mount Elbrus

In the morning, we take the cable car to the station located at an altitude of 3847 meters (at this altitude, the territory is already covered with snow). Then, walking, we get to the camp, located at an altitude of 4100 meters. The average duration of the walk is 1.5-2 hours. We will arrange overnight accommodation on the spot in shelters.

Day 3

Here are about 1500 meters left before the dream comes true

Proper acclimatization is the key to success. In order to adapt the body to this altitude, acclimatization, we climb from 4200 meters to about 4700-4800 meters-the Pastukhov rocks (named after the Russian scout and climber Andrei Pastukhov), then we descend again to the camp located at an altitude of 4200 meters. The average duration of ascent is 3.5-4 hours, during descent-1 -1.5 hours.

Day 4

Climbing to the top of Mount Elbrus

Night 01.At 00 (return at 00.We will start climbing to the top by climbing 5642 meters, in the process we will have several rests at different heights, at 5300 meters- in the saddle, we will reach, and then move to the top. So, we are at the top. From the top there is a beautiful view of the Caucasian ridge, the Ushba mountains and many other beautiful peaks of this region. The average duration of the ascent is 12-14 hours. After that we will go down to the camp to prepare for the return.

Day 5

In the footsteps of new dreams

In the morning we will move to Yerevan. Feedback in the same direction. Sleep of all participants in the car is guaranteed.)))

Participants must have: sleeping bag, backpack (big and small), mountain boots, warm uniform (mountain), jacket, hats (summer, winter), mountain gloves, sweater, sunscreen, flashlight (front), trekking poles, thermal underwear, mask, safety glasses, gaiters, crampons, strapping, carbine, first aid kit.

The cost of participation per participant: $ 930

The price includes

- Transport

- Support

- Permission to climb

   (communication with the rescue service of Russia)

- Tickets on the cable car

- Overnight stays in hotels and campsites

- Carrying heavy things, backpacks

- Certificate of participation

The cost is not included

- Food

- Equipment

- Other expenses

Only people with mountain hiking experience can participate in the hike.

The cost of the program is designed for 14 participants. If the number of participants changes, the price can also be changed.

Depending on weather conditions, an additional overnight stay on the mountain is possible.

Departure. Yerevan, Koryuni 2, 04:00

For information and registration, please call +37493554595 (Viber, WhatsApp) or write to our email. at the address: [email protected]


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