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In case of participating in tours, hikes, registering on the website, cooperation, etc., please contact us. Our specialists will be happy to answer you.

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Questions and Answers

  • How can I register on the site & have my personal page ?

    To register on the site, go to the link provided ("REGISTER") or follow the steps below ․
    • Log in to the site
    • In the Personal Page section of the top right corner of the site, select the Register button

    Alt text
    • Fill in the fields of the opened window by selecting the password as well (Attention, the password will be your email)

    • Clicking the "Register" button you will get a message with the following content: "Congratulations, you successfully registered."
    • After registering, you can access your personal page by clicking the "Login" button on the personal page․

    • After logging in to your personal page, you will have the opportunity to manage your account by adding photos, following the history of your hikes, analysis, etc.

  • How to register for the tour ?

    In the Tours section of the site or at the bottom of the main page, you will see the list of tours. By following the link of your preferred tour, you will see the "Reserve" button on the right side of the page. Clicking the button will open the following window․

    After filling in the required fields of the window, click the "Register" button. After that you will receive a message with the following content: "Congratulations, registration is complete."

    After registration you will receive a letter confirming your  participation in the hike to your mentioned e-mail address.

    ATTENTION! It is mandatory to get acquainted with and approve the points of the Participation Agreement mentioned above the "Reserve" button of the picture above.

  • We want to participate in hikes, but we do not have hiking experience

    Hiking experience is not always mandatory. Of course, depending on the complexity of the hikes, the length of the routes, there are tours when hiking experience and training are important, but very often tours are selected and carried out, so that even beginners can easily overcome the process. Of course, in the text of the description of complex campaigns you will find notes about the restrictions, and if the description does not contain the mandatory requirements for the experience of camping, you can safely participate in the tour. Desire is the most important thing.

  • Can children participate in the hikes ?

    We value not only the participation of adults in mountain hikes, but also children, thus for this purpose we often organize tours that are accessible to young children, taking into account the complexity, length and uniqueness of the chosen site. Therefore, whether the hike is intended for children or not, will be stated the description field of the tour, so you can decide whether it corresponds to the age of your child or not. An unforgettable day is guaranteed for your child if you participate in the matching hike.

  • Do you organize tours in winter ?

    We organize hikes in any season of the year, in any weather conditions. By the way, winter hikes stand out with their unique and different beauty. So, do not miss the first opportunity to take part in the winter hike to enjoy the beauty of white nature.

  • We registered for the tour but did not receive your confirmation

    After booking, our service specialists review the applications, comparing them with your payments or their receipts. Depending on the choice of payment system, the transferred amount may be credited to the account in a few days (in case of non-working days, non-working hours).

    In case of compliance with the above, you will receive a letter-message confirming the reservation to your e-mail address, where all the details of the campaign, tour, description of the campaign, place, location, information on the beginning, end times, etc. will be clearly mentioned. After receiving the letter-message, all you have to do is join the campaign with a smile at the specified time.

    ATTENTION! Due to technical issues, the message may appear in the spam section of the e-mail. It is recommended to check the spam after fixing.

  • Where can we find out about upcoming tours ?

    You can get acquainted with the upcoming tours in the "Upcoming Group Tours" section of the main page of the website.

    You can also find out about the upcoming hikes in the "Tours" section of the main page of the website.

    By subscribing and filling in your e-mail on our website, you will be the first to receive information not only about the news, but also about the upcoming tours and events. You can simply leave your e-mail address in the "News" section of the main page of the site.

    The next source where you can find out about our tours is our Facebook page. Follow us on our Facebook page to learn more about camping life.

  • I want to climb Mount Ararat, please get me acquainted with the conditions.

    You can get acquainted with the details about the ascent to Mount Ararat by following the link below. And if there are still questions, you can call one of our phone numbers, our specialists will answer all your questions.

  • I participated in the tour with you․ How can I get photos taken during the tour ?

    The photos taken by the organizers will be sent to the e-mail address mentioned by you in the registration application after the hike. And the photos taken by the participants of the tour are shared with the other participants through the Facebook group, new pictures are regularly added to the group. You can join the group by following the link

  • I want to join your team, how can I ?

    In the opened subsection you will see the "Join our team" button, clicking on the button will open a window, after filling in the necessary information, after attaching your photo you can send the application.

    After the application is reviewed and approved by the service specialists of our website, you will receive a confirmation email to your e-mail address. And last but not least, participating in the hikes is one of the most important steps you can take to become a member of our team.

  • Please inform what accessories, equipment and outfit are needed to participate in the hikes

    For the hike to be safe and sound for you education is not enough, you will also proper equipment and clothes. You will find essential items in the description of each campaign. You can read more about each type of equipment & outfit in the "Equipment & outfit" section of our website Blog.


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