Climbing Fujiyama - Tour to Japan

$3840 / person

One of the long-awaited travel destinations was Japan, which many have been waiting for. The highest peak of Japan - Mount Fuji, the metropolis of Tokyo, several cities that are cultural centres, famous sights await us with all their flair in the Land of the rising Sun, where modernity and tradition combine! The interesting and unforgettable days are guaranteed. So, register now!

During the excursion, we will get acquainted with the fantastic capital of the country - Tokyo and a number of other cities - as well as the culture and way of life of the fastest developing country with centuries-old traditions in the world. Mountain lovers have the opportunity to undertake a night climb to Japan's highest peak - the sacred Mount Fuji (altitude: 3776 meters) - and enjoy the characteristic Japanese dawn from above. After this trip, you will definitely return to your homeland full of admiration and wonder. So check out travelling plan below and don't forget to reserve your place as the number of places is limited.

10/08/2024 - 19/08/2024

Yerevan - Tokyo | DAY 1

Every journey begins with a flight. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, as we have a flight of approximately 14.5 hours (with1.5 hour waiting time). At 4:00 a.m. the plane heads to Japan. Because Japan is ahead of Armenia with 5 time zones, we will be in Tokyo around 11:30 p.m. We will be in Tokyo at about 11:30 p.m.

Overnight at the hotel

Tokyo, the largest metropolis in the world | DAY 2

We are ready to explore the trendy capital of Tokyo. Imagine for a moment the huge capital with its crazy rhythm, where about 37 million people live and work. Just one subway station receives around 3 million passengers every day, is in the Guinness Book of Records and is one of the most popular logistics hubs. On this day we will be in Shinjuku, one of the most famous districts of Tokyo, we will visit the Imperial Park, the local temple and walk down the streets of the largest skyscraper district decorated with millions of neon lights. In the evening, we will share our impressions in one of the famous cafés and taste traditional Japanese dishes.

Climbing Mount Fujiyama | DAY 3-4

Mount Fujiyama is one of the country's landmarks and has become a dream peak for many. If the air temperature throughout the country is +35 degrees, on Mount Fujiyama it reaches about +20 degrees and it often rains. We drive towards the town of Kawaguchiko, from where there are spectacular views of Mount Fuji. All photographers and tourists come here to admire the volcano, beautiful lakes and picturesque mountain range of the national park. After admiring it, we head to the foot of the mountain. We reach station number 5 at an altitude of 2300 meters, from where we hike through the forest and reach a hotel at an altitude of 2700 meters on the mountainside, where we will spend the night. At night, around 2:00 a.m. - 3:00 a.m., we begin the climb. What would be the Land of the Rising Sun without enjoying the rays of the rising sun from the top of Mount Fujiyama? That's why we have chosen the night climb to enjoy the sunrise on Mount Fuji. The climb takes about 3 hours and the entire path is like a staircase. In other words, even an unprepared participant can undertake a pilgrimage to Japan's sacred mountain if one wishes.

By the way, about the route: Climbing Mount Fuji used to be considered a real test that only brave and strong samurai could pass. So you can be proud of yourself once you've made the climb. After the descent we return to Tokyo. In the afternoon we will be at our hotel.

The city of Kyoto - the cultural center of Japan | DAY 5-6

Waking up early in the morning and having breakfast, we will board a high-speed train, which will take us to the city of Kyoto after an hour and a half ride through the Fuji panorama at a speed of 300 km/h.

From 794 to 1869, Kyoto was the capital of Japan, the main residence of the emperors and thus became the best repository of Japanese art, culture and religion.

We will stay in a traditional guesthouse in Japanese style.

During these two days we will explore the sights of the city of Kyoto: the old imperial palace of Gosho, the famous Golden Pavilion of Kinkaku-ji, the Temple of Oriental Treasures, botanical and Japanese gardens (gardens decorated with stones). 

Enriched with history, we will travel to the most famous area of Gion, famous for Japanese cafés with tea ceremonies, which we will definitely try, and geishas entertaining tourists.

In the evening, those who wish will go to the Funaoka Onsen thermal baths. This is one of the oldest and most famous baths - onsen - in the land of the rising sun, because in addition to the baths, famous for ofuro mineral water and healing Chinese herbs, there is also an “electric bath” called denkiburo, which transmits a weak electric current. The Japanese believe that this procedure strengthens muscles and stimulates blood circulation.

The city of Nara, the largest wooden building in the world | DAY 7

Today is the day to travel to Nara. A trip to the famous city where the world's largest wooden building is located. You will be surprised seeing hundreds of deer walking calmly and freely everywhere in the streets of the city. This is the city of Nara, the centre of Buddhist culture and the ancient capital of Japan. Nara, home to the imperial court from 710-784, is now a popular tourist destination. About 14 million tourists visit this city every year. People come to see the huge bronze Buddha, the largest wooden structure in the world, the deer, the architecture of the city and the distinctive statues. We also will see all this and afterwards we will go to the city of Kyoto.

Kyoto - Tokyo | DAY 8

After spending a few more hours in Kyoto sightseeing in the morning, we will take the high-speed train to the Tokyo metropolis. After checking in at the hotel, we will go to the world's largest fish market in Tokyo, called Tsukiji and you will see species of fish you've probably never seen before, and then in the evening visit Tokyo's best shopping district, Shibuya, where a huge number of shops are located. By the way, you don't have to shop here. Many people go to Shibuya just to experience and marvel at the most advanced electrical equipment in the world.

Healing pools and Tokyo in the evening | DAY 9

After such an active program, what can provide relief, if not the thermal springs and healing pools. Therefore, we will wake up in the morning and head to the resort of Odaibo Island, which is full of the breath of Japanese samurai of the 17th-19th centuries. We will visit 13 different types of natural hot springs. By the way, many people travel thousands of kilometres to visit the resort, just to enjoy these pools of water, which are fed directly from a thermal spring 1400 meters underground.

Return to homeland | DAY 10

Well, every good thing has its end. We return to Armenia, back to everyday life, work and prepare for new trips.

The cost per person is 3840 dollars.

Price includes

 Guide throughout the trip

 Mt.Fujiyama climbing fee, escort

 Accommodation (In a hotel - 5 nights (in double rooms), in a traditional guest house - 1 night, in a capsule hotel - 1 night, in a mountain hotel - 1 night)

 Transportation during the tour (except train tickets)

 Admission - farewell

 Entrance fees to attractions (according to the program)

 Local taxes

 Visa support


Cost not included

 Air ticket Yerevan-Tokyo-Yerevan (about 1600 euros)

 Entrance fees to attractions outside the program

 Food (about $25 per day)

 Train ticket (one-time per person about 250 dollars)

 Other personal expenses

What do you need to take with you?

In addition to a good mood, it is recommended to take a small backpack or duffel bag, because the program implies an active tour, and mostly every day we will move from one hotel to another hotel in another city. Warm clothes and comfortable shoes are enough for climbing the mountain.

ATTENTION. The tour program, price may be changed. In case of a change, the organizers notify the registered participants by e-mail and inform them about the changes.

Places are limited. The group will consist of up to 16 participants. You can register until 31/05/2024.

For information and registration, call +37493554595 (Viber, WhatsApp) or write to our email. to: [email protected] and Facebook page


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