The Founder

Martin Martirosyan (Martin Tatosich)

1952 - was born in Alapars village in the Hrazdan region.
1959 - 1969 graduated from a local high school.
1969 - 1971 graduated from Yerevan Technical College No. 2.
1971 - 1973 served in the Soviet Army.
1974 - 1979 graduated from the State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan, Faculty of Biochemistry.
1975 - Since was engaged in sports tourism.
1979 - worked as an instructor in Yerevan.
1981 - Since worked as a lecturer in the department of physical education at YSMU.
1981 - founded the “HATIS” Travel Club
1982 - graduated with honors from the Higher School of Sports in Baikal
1987 - studied at the Higher School of Instructors in Baikal and received degree of chief instructor.
1989 - founded and directed the “HATIS” Rescue Squad
1995 - received the title of Master of Sports of the Republic of Armenia
1995 - climbed Mount Elbrus
1996 - climbed Mount Ararat
1996 - became the president of the Republican Federation of Sports Tourism
2000 - concurrently worked as a mountaineering instructor at the Military School after M. Melkonyan of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia.
2000 - fulfilled the norm of the master of sports of international class
2016 - was awarded by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia for services and great contributions
2018 - by the Minister of Sports of the Republic of Armenia was awarded with a certificate of appreciation for his great contributions for mountain tourism and exchange of experience
2019 - for the 16th time climbed Mount Ararat