Trekking Mount Ararat

$850 / person

Mount Ararat, the peak where you should be, feel and experience such emotions that you have never felt in your life

1 Group ✔ July 19 to July 25 (approved)

2 Group ✔ August 5 to August 11


Yerevan - Ani - Bayazet | Day 1

Climbing Mount Ararat is our main goal in this trip. However, we cannot be in Western Armenia and not see the historical cities. We will start the trip from Yerevan. After crossing the Armenian-Georgian and then the Georgian-Turkish borders, we will go to the medieval capital of Ani, which is also known as the "city of a thousand and one churches". On the way we will also see Tsovak Hyusiso (Childir) lake. Arriving in the city of Bayazet, we will settle in our hotel room, because emotional days await us from the next day.

Climbing of Mount Ararat - First Camp | Day 2

Can you imagine, you are already on the slopes of Mount Ararat ? We start the ascent from the height of 2200 meters, we move to the base camp of Mount Ararat, located at the height of 3200 meters. During the entire ascent, heavy items, property and spare gear are transported by horses. After 5-6 hours of walking, reaching the first camp of Mount Ararat, we will settle in tents and rest. The overnight stay in a tent is one of the most memorable moments of the participants during the ascent of Mount Ararat

Climbing of Mount Ararat - second camp | Day 3

When you looked at Mount Ararat from Armenia, did you ever think or imagine that one day you will be so close to the top? Well, now is that moment. In the morning, from the first camp of Mount Ararat, we move to the second camp, located at an altitude of 4150 meters. Arriving at the camp, we eat, settle in the tents, rest, because at night we will start the ascent to the peak of Mount Ararat

Climbing Mount Ararat - We are at the top | Day 4

At midnight, around 01:00, we start the ascent. After about 6-7 hours of walking, we reach the coveted peak. During the ascent, the temperature ranges from 0 to -20 degrees. After reaching the top, you will have no shortage of emotions and excitement. Until now, you looked at Mount Ararat with a dreamy gaze from Armenia, and now you are at the top of Mount Ararat. And if the weather is kind to us, we will see Armenia from the top of Mount Ararat, including Mount Aragats, the Armenian highlands, Nakhichevan, a part of the territories of Persia and Turkey. It's time to go down. After reaching the second camp of Mount Ararat and resting for 1-2 hours, we walk to the first camp

Climbing to Mount Ararat - Return to Bayazet | Day 5

We enjoy the last hours spent on the slopes of Mount Ararat, in the morning we start the descent, and in the afternoon we are already in Bayazet. Did you miss the hotel room and the bathroom? Well, enjoy. In the evening, it's time to celebrate the ascent, to receive certificates for the ascent of Mount Ararat

Bayazet, Berkri Waterfall, Van | Day 6

It is the time to see the historical homeland, to feel the strength and power of the ancestors. We leave for Van, seeing the Berkri waterfall on the way. We will move to Tushpa-Van, we will see Van Fort (9th century). No matter how many oceans, seas, lakes, rivers you have seen, Lake Van will be engraved in your memories. After sailing, we will reach the Church of the Holy Cross of Aghtamar, which is considered the first church of the architectural seven. We will swim in Lake Vana, taste Vana herring, then return to our hotel in Bayazet

Tour in Western Armenia - Return to Armenia | Day 7

Today we will start with the study of the Bayazet Castle or Daroynk Castle, we will visit the Artsap Armenian village, we will visit the grave of our ancestors, where the Armenian tombstones and khachkars are clearly preserved. We are moving to the city of Kars. Impressed by the Kars fortress, we will descend to the Holy Apostles Monastery, which, it is true, has been turned into a mosque, but has not lost its Armenian spirit, ornaments and khachkars

Depending on weather conditions, additional one-day overnight may be possible on the mountain, without extra charge.

Preparatory and adaptive multi-climbing will be organized to the Mountains of Ara, Azhdahak and Aragats, which price is not included in the project.

Participants must have sleeping bag, backpack (big and small), mountain climbing boots, warm mountain uniform, jacket, hats (both summer and winter), comfortable hiking gloves, jersey, sunscreen cream, headlamp, hiking poles, thermal underwear, mask, trekking sunglasses, gaiters.

Participation cost per person is 850 $

The cost includes


 2-3 guides services (Armenian and Kurdish)

 Visa cost

Hotel (including breakfasts)

Meal throughout the climb (on the mountain)

 Tent, mattress, crampon

 Entrance fees for all sights

 Transportation of clothes and items (with horses)

 Certificate of participation

 Other expenses

The cost of program is calculated for 15 participants. The participation cost is subject to change in case of change in participant’s number.

Age limit: from 16 to 55 years old.

For more information and registration call +37493-554595 (Viber, WhatsApp) or e-mail us at [email protected] and write to our Facebook page

Climbing Mount Ararat 2017 - Many didn’t believe that it was possible to climb Mount Ararat in 2017, but we did it. We celebrated the Armenian Independence Day on the summit of our dreams.


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