Western Armenia 3-day Tour

֏79000 / person

A wonderful opportunity for people whose dream is to be in Western Armenia, see Van, Ani, Kars, swim in Lake Van, see Akhtamar Island, feel the warmth of the native land, be so close to Mount Ararat ...

Group 1 ✔ June 17-19

Group 2 ✔ July 1 - 3

Group 3 ✔ July 8 - 10

Group 4 ✔ August 5-7

During the trip, we will visit the cities of Ani, Van, Kars, Bayazet, a city of a thousand and one churches. We will have time to walk around and see the spectacular places of the cities. We will visit Akhtamar Island, we will see the Church of the Holy Cross of Akhtamar, which is considered the first church of the architectural seven, we will sail in Lake Vana, we will enjoy the sunset on the shores of Lake Vana, which will be among the most beautiful sunsets of your life. We will bathe in Vana lake, we will taste Vana Tarekh.

We will also visit the fortress of Van (Tushpa, 9th century), which is the largest fortress of its kind. The view of the ruins of Tushpa, the capital of Urartu, opens from the castle.

With its beauty and splendor, you will also be attracted by the Berkri waterfall, which is located on the Berkri river, which in turn originates from the Tondrak mountain, flows parallel to the Vaspurakan mountains, passing a distance of 65 km, and flows into Lake Van.

During the tour, we will be on the shore of Tsovak Hyusiso (Childir) lake, we will have time to enjoy the Araks river, we will pass through the Tondrak mountain volcano, we will see Tondrak, Sipan, Nemrut mountains, and of course, Mount Ararat.

During the last day, we will also visit Daroynk Castle, Artsap Armenian Village, Kars Fortress and Arakelots Monastery.


Do not miss the opportunity to spend 3 days of your life in Western Armenia, to gain unforgettable memories for a lifetime.

The price is 79000 AMD

You can also register by CREDIT method

Price includes:

- Transport, transportation

- Escort, Armenian-speaking guide, audio guide

- Hotel (3 or 4 star hotel)

- Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner in the restaurant - 3 days)

- Entrance fees to Akhtamar Island, cruise in Van

- Entrance fees to all attractions

- Visa support

The price does NOT include:

- Visa amount (Drams equivalent to 30 dollars)

- Costs of additional food in addition to the planned food

- Other personal expenses

For information and registration, call +37493-554595 (Viber, WhatsApp) or write to our email. to: [email protected] and Facebook  page


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