Climbing Mount Aragats

֏10000 / person

On Sunday, September 3, we will go to Mount Aragats together with Hatis Tour. Aragats has been one of the largest volcanoes in the world in the past. It has a huge crater with a depth of 400 m and a diameter of 3 km, the remains of the ruined walls of which are the four ridges of the mountain. The crater is open from the south-east and is connected to the surrounding area. The catharsis are arranged in a semicircle and form a 270-degree bow. The highest is the northern ridge - 4090 m. Then come the west - 3995 meters, the east - 3908 m and the south - 3887 m. The crater is a large catchment area. From here begins the Gegharot River, a tributary of the Kasakh. We will start our ascent from Lake Kari, we will climb to the NORTH (not real) peak.

Participants must have: backpack, mountain climbing boots, warm mountain uniform, jacket, hat (summer, winter), gloves, sunscreen cream, lamp, raincoat, hiking gaiters, sunglasses, one-day food and water

Attention: only those with 3000 m and more climbing can participate in the event

Start: Yerevan, Koryun 2 Street - 06:30

Participation cost per person is 10000 AMD (transport, escort)

For more information call +37493-554595 (Viber, WhatsApp)


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