Climbing Mount Abul

֏29000 / person

On August 20-21 (2 days) together with Hatis Tour we will go to Javakhk, tour historical places and, of course,

climb Mount Mets Abul

Day 1 ․ Yerevan - Khertvisi Fortress - Tmbkaberd - Akhalkalaki - Abul village

Early in the morning at 05:30 we will move from Yerevan to the Armenian-Georgian border, Bavra checkpoint. Crossing the border we will reach historical Javakhk, first we will visit Khertvisi Fortress, which is a medieval fortress of the feudal period in Javakhk province. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then we will head to Tmbkaberd, a medieval fortress on the left bank of the Kura River. We will continue the way to the Holy Cross Church of Akhalkalaki, after which we will go near the village of Abul, where we will organize our tent camp.

Day 2․ Climbing Mount Mets Abul - Yerevan

Early in the morning we will start climbing Mount Abul, which is an extinct volcano in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, in the Abul-Samsar mountain range. This is the highest (3301 m) extinct volcanic mountain of the Javakhk plateau. The slopes are covered with windswept cliffs and alpine meadows. From the top we will enjoy the charm of Lake Parvana - fabulous landscapes.

Participants must have: sleeping bag, mat (karemat), backpack, mountain climbing boots, warm mountain uniform, jacket, hats (both summer and winter), comfortable hiking boots, gloves, jersey, sunscreen cream, lamp, raincoat, sunglasses, two-day food and water

ATTENTION: places are limited.

Start: Yerevan, Koryun 2 Street - 05:30

Participation cost per person is 29000 AMD (transport, escort, tent)

For more information and registration call +37493-554595 (Viber, WhatsApp)


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