Victoria Falls 8-Day Tour

$2250 / person

The largest waterfall in the world


Victoria Falls is recognized as the most abundant waterfall on the planet, providing the greatest flow of water, as a result of which it was included in the list of the Seven Wonders of the World. In one minute, about 500 million liters of water flows out of the waterfall (flows at a speed of 1088 m3/sec). It is impossible to imagine the volume. Of course, the main purpose of the trip is to see the wonder of the world Victoria Falls, but it is a crime to be in Zimbabwe and not get acquainted with the beauty of national parks, the diversity of fauna and flora. During the first few days we will visit national parks, get acquainted with culture, nature, we will spend the last few days traveling along the Zambezi River, enjoying the sunset.

Day 1

Flight. Matoba National Park

So, after a long flight, we are going to Matoba National Park. Matoba National Park is one of the distinctive national parks of Southern Zimbabwe, where more than 200 species of trees are registered, including mountain Acacia, wild pear and paper bark acacia. However, on this day we will not have much time to get acquainted with the beauty of the park, but we are sure that an overnight stay in a mansion in the national park will complement this. And under the view from the hill we will also enjoy the evening.

Day 2-3

The hills of Matoba (mathoba Hills). Getting to know the national park and the cave

The area is distinguished by its rocky structure, natural granite walls and a number of cultural monuments. The "Mother and Child Copje" stands out for its beauty, which thousands of tourists come to Zimbabwe to see. We will see local rock carvings, sculptures, and visit other cultural places. From the local hills there is a fantastic view of the Maleme Canyon.

Day 4-5

East Hwange National Park (East Hwang National Park), Hwang Safari Lodge

This national park is the largest nature reserve in Zimbabwe. It covers an area of about 14,600 square kilometers and is located in the northwest of the country, between Bulawayo and Victoria Falls. All of Zimbabwe's specially protected animals can be found in Huang, and this is the only protected area where rocky Mountains and brown hyenas are found in small numbers. 

If you think that there are many days when traveling in national parks, you are deeply mistaken. Every day in the national park will be distinguished by its beauty, abundance and spiritual harmony.

Day 6

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, which has become a dream for many, is already in front of us. Victoria Falls was discovered by traveler David Livingston on November 17, 1855 and named Victoria in honor of the Queen of England. Victoria Falls is one of the wonders of nature. Victoria is the only waterfall in the world that simultaneously has a height of more than 100 meters and a width of more than 1 kilometer. Victoria Falls is one of the most visited attractions in South Africa and belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site., In addition to the local culture, we will also visit the local Arts and Crafts Center.

Day 7

Victoria Falls. Zambezi River Cruise

Another day is set aside to enjoy one of the wonders of the world. On this day, participants will have free time to spend their holidays in the vicinity of the waterfall, if they wish to use other services: rafting, diving, flying along Victoria Falls, helicopter flight, etc. (The cost of services is not included in the price). In the evening, at sunset, we will sail along the Zambezi River, enjoy the impressive beauty of the Zambezi River, admire the last rays of the sun, views of Victoria Falls. And we will finish the trip with wine in one of the upscale local restaurants.

Day 8

Return To Armenia

In the morning, after breakfast in the village of Victoria jrvezh, we will go to the airport. Once again, after a long flight, we will return to our homeland, full of joyful and unforgettable memories.

Cost of participation for one participant: $2250

You can also register in installments

The price includes

 Transfer from the airport to the hotel and back 

 Moving throughout the tour

 Cost of hotels, accommodation

 Breakfast in hotels, guest houses

 Dinner of the first, second day

 The cost of a cruise (cruise) on the Zambezi River (including meals)

 Professional, experienced guides, guides

 Entrance tickets to protected areas

 Local taxes

 Visa cost

 Certificate of participation

The price does not include

 Air ticket price (about 1600-1900 dollars)

 Meals (lunches) during the day (about $ 100-140)

 From the third day, dinner too (about $80)

 The cost of additional services (helicopter flight, rafting, etc.)

 Personal property

 Travel insurance (if desired)

 Personal expenses, purchases


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